Kyle Walker admits to betraying ‘best friend’ Annie Kilner, reveals he almost quit Man City to escape media scrutiny

Kyle Walker admits to betraying 'best friend' Annie Kilner, reveals he almost quit Man City to escape media scrutiny

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Kyle Walker has opened up about his private life and revealed he almost quit Manchester City to escape the media scrutiny.

In an emotional interview, the Manchester City star apologised to his family for ‘idiot choices and idiot decisions’ following weeks of speculation about his love life.

He admitted to fathering a secret child during his marriage to ‘best friend’ Annie Kilner.

But their two-year marriage is on the brink after the England international was named as the feather of influencer Lauryn Goodman’s five-month-old daughter.

“I am a private man, but I accept that I am a public figure and I need to address what I’ve done,” a tearful Walker told The Sun.

“It hasn’t helped that it has been played out in the media. But I’ve chosen to speak now in the hope that I can at least explain myself and enable my wife and children to have the privacy they so desperately need and deserve.”

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Walker added: “In football I’ve achieved more than what I ever thought I would achieve. But to personally hurt what I truly believe is my best friend, that’s what hurts a lot.

“How could I hurt someone I love so much? That’s something I need to find in myself.

“I need to find out why I have done this and why situations have occurred. I am human and I’ve made mistakes on and off the field.

“The ones off the field are definitely more damaging and have been more hurtful to me.

“Football has been my life since I was six, but my family comes before anything on this planet. At the moment, they’re hurting enormously.”

Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner following England's defeat to France at the 2022 World Cup. Image: Getty
Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner following England’s defeat to France at the 2022 World Cup. Image: Getty

After Walker was told that Lauryn was pregnant with his child, he verbally agreed a reported £15 million transfer to Bayern Munich to try and escape from the looming scandal.

But he didn’t want to leave Man City but felt like he needed to leave England.

The 33-year-old said: “I tried to escape. Did I want to leave City? No, of course I didn’t. We’re the best team in the world at the minute.

“But it was a chance to get away from England and the media I was going to get.

“I was aware the clock was ticking. I came very close to moving. We were having conversations. I was going to a great club, a massive club. But in the end, I couldn’t go.

“If I’m in Germany and this happens, Annie leaves and I’m now in Germany on my own.

“My kids wouldn’t be around the corner where I can see them.

“There’s pain and emotion at the moment but I can go to the house, take the kids to school, and my little lad to football.”

A move to Germany failed to materialise as Walker has played 29 games in all competitions for Man City this season.

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